Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From the Heart of Darkness to the Lap of Luxury

After our jungle adventures, Liz and I spent an extra day in Mae Sot (mostly so I could have my wet clothes laundered), and then caught a bus for Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand.

Before coming, we had heard a couple of rave reviews for a particular hostel here, the Orchid Hibiscus Guest House, and it has turned out to be just as lovely as everyone promised.

We have our own bathroom with a hot shower (minus the cockroach and salamander we had in Mae Sot) and the room has air conditioning and a sweet 4-post bed with built-in mosquito net. Not that you really need the net in this hotel (in Mae Sot we could have used one).

We also have a swimming pool and jacuzzi. And there is a peaceful little hammock area for chilling out in the shade. Breakfast is included.

Oh yeah, it costs $24 per night. That's a lot for Thailand, but I'd expect to pay $200 or more for something similar in the states.

The only problem is that this computer freezes every time I try to edit photos, so I guess they're going to have to wait a while. Asrhksajdhglkajdsfglasdsd.

I think we're going to stick around Sukhothai a while longer as there are a lot of cool ruins to explore on bicycle (20 baht to rent per day... about 75 cents) and we are completely in love with the hotel. Well, I am, anyway...

I promise photos as soon as I find a faster computer.

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