Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally: Photos

Well, I finally found a computer that's slightly faster than our old 386 from 1991, so I'm going to post some of our photos.

One caveat: I still couldn't edit the photos. Google Picasa resized them for me and I'm calling it good. But just as a disclaimer, these won't be as crisp and bright as usual because I haven't been able to work any photoshop magic.

I guess that's it; here are the photos.

Random flower. This would look cooler if I could brighten it some.

The bamboo beer cups Johnny made.

Our friend Austin, who has been living in Thailand for 8 years (I think) and is the author of Real Thai. He also writes for Lonely Planet and is a freelance photographer. Check out his site.

Fried Morning Glory. Yum.

Some shrimp we picked up at the market near Austin's house.

A salad from the same market. Not sure what it's called.

Colorful kids from the parade in Mae Sot.

Bucket 'o live eels or snakes or worms or something.

Fried bugs, of course.

Kid in Mae Sot.

Emily and Gavin, our trek-mates.

SARS scare! Just kidding, these are the dust masks we got for one ride in the song tau.

Really cool ponds on the way to Tee Lor Su waterfall.


This is not Tee Lor Su. Just a little pre-waterfall.

This is Tee Lor Su.

Also this.

This is Victor, one of our guides.

A full bottle of rum and a bag of candles to play with. Good times. Good times.

Gratuitous flower shot.

Johnny, our other tour guide. Dude's a badass. He did the entire hike in flip-flops. Here he climbed a tree to have a smoke.

The edge of the falls... a 200m drop. No guardrails, ropes or any of that stuff to be found. Heck, you're not even supposed to BE up here!

Group shot up at the top.

Weird bug that looked like a plant.

One of the bridges we crossed. Unfortunately this photo doesn't really capture the terror.

Dinner and dice in the Karen Village.

The Italian John Locke.

Across from our hut in the morning. These are the elephants that Opart and presumably John Locke were going to ride.

Ah, this shot captures some of the fear. No handrails... and you have to walk across these skinny bamboo chutes. I felt like my foot could easily slip between the gaps (they were tied only 2 or 3 wide).

Orchid Hibiscus Guest House. AKA, heaven.

At breakfast they serve you honey straight off the honeycomb. Sometimes a few bees are still attached.

Some shots around Sukhothai's historic ruins.

Some friendly kids along the side of the road.

One of the wats lit up at night.

More beauty shots from the Orchid Hibiscus.

Large seated buddha that seemed remarkably well-preserved.

More shots around the ruins.

Liz atop her Alligator bike.

This morning, we got up at 5:45 to see the sunrise at Wat Si Chum. It was OK, but the sunrise wasn't as spectacular as we were promised.

That's it for now. I've been on the computer all morning; time to hit the pool.

Dan and Liz


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Austin said...

Cool to see what you all are up to! You know, it's perfectly OK to call me...!