Saturday, October 27, 2007

Balling out of control

I've done my fair share of utterly baller things in my lifetime, maybe a dozen or so. I think about 7 of them happened this week.

Unfortunately I don't have time to write about all of them right now, so I'll just cover our quick trip to Camogli and Portofino.

After our dinner with Simone and Erika on Saturday the 20th, we originally planned on a lazy Sunday, maybe taking the scooter over to Varazze to use the unreliable internet again. But then we took a closer look at our plans and realized that we weren't leaving ourselves any time to visit Genoa. The only contact we had been able to reach there was Erika, and she was only available on Sundays.

Quick backstory: We know Erika because she spent 3 months in the states a few years ago and stayed with my extended family. We took her up to Seattle for the weekend towards the end of her trip.

So we called her at the last minute and explained the situation. She said, "no problem," and we grabbed a train to Genoa. We met up with Erika and her boyfriend Federico at the train station and headed over to Camogli and Portofino.

I remember Camogli as one of the most beautiful places I visited the last time I was in Italy, but I don't really have any specific memories of the place. It was, of course, beautiful, and the weather was amazing when we arrived.

We split three or four different kinds of focaccia on the beach, and they were all excellent.

That evening we checked out Genoa. This is pretty close to where my father was born.

Then we headed to Portofino, where the true ballers roll. I mean, look at these yachts!

That night, we had dinner with Erika's parents and one of her cousins. Delicious troffie con pesto, prosciutto and salame, meatballs and chicken. And of course great wine, cheese, a bottle of Moet.

I have to run right now before I write up anything else, but here's where I'm relaxing for the moment. More later.

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