Friday, March 7, 2008


We made it. What else is there to say after 4 flights and 49 consecutive hours of travel time?

Ok, there's a little bit more to say.

We left our hostel in Bangkok at 3:30pm BKK time. Our flight was at 7:30; we arrived at the airport in plenty of time to eat Burger King (my first burger in 5 months).

The flight to LA was pretty uneventful. We both slept a little bit, but not for more than maybe 2 hours at a time (it was a 14 hour flight).

The plan was to have a nice dinner at LAX since we had about 6 hours to kill before our next flight. But the airport was such a disorganized mess that it took us a full 3 hours just to get to our gate, at which point we realized that there were no good restaurants nearby. And we didn't have time to go through the horribly inefficient security checkpoint again.

The only options were a Wolfgang Puck with $14.95 pasta dishes and some kind of Southwestern barbecue place that was about to close and didn't seem all that great anyway. Oh, and Burger King. Yep, we had BK for the 2nd time in 24 hours. Interesting note: They had a "value meal" that cost over $10. Holy crap! I know we're coming from Asia where everything is super cheap, but that's just ridiculous!

Our first stop was in San Jose, Costa Rica. Lovely airport. I had BK again! But wait, I didn't have a burger. They had some kind of local bean and rice dish with tortillas for $3, so I called it breakfast.

Next stop, Lima, Peru. Also a nice airport, but by this point we were pretty exhausted and we had a long wait ahead of us. Luckily, the airport had seats without armrests, so we could actually curl up and sleep on them.

I had no idea I could fall into such a deep sleep in the middle of a noisy airport. Again we both slept for an hour or two in snatches, then finally boarded our flight (which was about half an hour late).

We arrived in Buenos Aires at around 5:30am. Customs was a breeze and the baggage claim was only a slight delay. We grabbed a taxi ($28, ouch) to our hostel and, after breakfast, sat around using the internet until our room became available at noon.

Surprisingly, we made it through that first day with only a short nap, and actually got a decent night of sleep.

We haven't done much so far other than explore our neighborhood (San Telmo) a bit, and look for apartments. Apparently most apartment-finding services online don't allow you to view the place in person before booking. But we eventually found a place that we were able to see, and we moved in yesterday at 2:30pm.

This afternoon we'll explore some other neighborhoods a bit, and we should have another update with photos ready in a few days or so.

Until then....

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