Monday, September 24, 2007

Tickets booked!

Well, we've finally done it. We booked our tickets for the trip last week and we're just 8 days away from departure.

Here's how it shaped up:

We leave for Baltimore on October 2 to visit our friends Mary and Andy and their ~1 year old son. We'll spend a few days there and then take the train up to Rochester to spend a couple days with Liz's grandparents.

After that, we fly into New York. We spend one night there and then it's off to Milan. We'll be in Italy for 5.5 weeks, and then we catch a flight from Rome to Bangkok (connecting in Doha, Qatar).

We have 10 or 11 weeks in SE Asia, then we fly direct from Bangkok to Los Angeles. From there we go LA---> San Jose (Costa Rica)---> Buenos Aires.

Another 10 weeks or so, then we fly into Cancun. We'll spend close to 3 months in Mexico, mostly in Oaxaca, then fly out of Mexico City back to Portland.

The grand total? Just under $3k each, which is much better than we could have gotten booking tickets individually (we used STA travel).

From now on you can expect much more frequent updates, including pictures.

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